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Do What It Takes To Stay Turned-On About Life

by Michael D. Hume, M.S.

The summer heat is upon us all here in the Northern Hemisphere, and as the mercury rose to approach a record-high the other day outside my Colorado home office, I decided to find a way to beat the heat.

Since I own a business of my own, I'm blessed to be able to take a few hours off when I want to do so. And since my home office is located just a few short minutes from the high Rocky Mountains, I'm also blessed to be able to get myself to a cooler location with speed and ease.

I can't say my days lack inspiration, but as I've often told my coaching clients, your personal inspiration is something you should constantly nourish and refresh. So while I tossed my golf clubs into the truck and headed toward the mountains, I knew I'd be looking for a way to combine relaxation with inspiration. After all, if you aren't inspired yourself, you can never be an inspirational leader for others.

In the local phone listings, I'd found a little-known nine-hole golf course in a nearby high mountain town. Just the ticket. A quick call confirmed that I wouldn't have any trouble getting onto the course, so off I went.

About ninety minutes later, when I arrived, I could see why any fears that I'd be stuck behind slow groups on a crowded course were unfounded. I was the course's only customer at the time of my arrival.

The course was not the worst I'd ever played - that distinction goes to a nine-hole par three track in (of all places) the golf-friendly state of North Carolina. But my new find in the Rockies, as far as courses go, was probably the second worst. The tee-boxes were weedy, the fairways largely ignored by any groundskeepers, and the greens alternately shaggy and dried-out. My game was OK, but I quickly realized that the adventure was not to be about the golf.

Instead, I realized that the course's location was its best feature, and it was a strong asset. The track's nine crummy golf holes were nestled high against the stunning Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and I spent more time just drinking in the view (and enjoying the cool breezes) than playing golf. And by the time I finished my game, I was thoroughly refreshed. Even the drive back down to town, through winding bighorn canyons and lush mountain meadows, was a treat.

The golf lark was a great way to renew my personal inspiration. What would work for you?

Times are tough, and you might often find it difficult to renew your optimism and inspiration. You might be "too busy," at least as you see your work and your hectic life. But don't let your personal inspiration fall from the top of your priority list. It's not a "nice-to-have." Personal inspiration, in times that challenge us all, is a must-have ingredient to your life of health, wealth, and happiness.

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Successful Entrepreneurs Stay Inspired

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This article was published on 2011/08/26